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  • 'I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and especially Sophie Harris who has helped me this July to secure my position.'

Money, Money, Money

With the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announcing his 2017 Budget yesterday it has made me review my finances too, anyone else?

I am fairly good with money – a natural ‘saver’, however, I go through stages where I don’t bother checking my finances for a while, and life is so demanding it isn’t necessarily high on my priority list! But with prices going up all the time and interest rates low it is important to be on top of everything and save every penny possible!

So I have spent time going through everything; making spreadsheets and budgeting. But this is very boring and why should we have to do this? Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have too, if we could earn more money?

Well here at Brite Recruitment we are here to help in your job search and securing you the next step on the career ladder, with a better salary. So don’t be stuck in a ‘dead end’, low paid job when you could search our vacancies and find your next step! Feel free to send your CV through to us, or give an Account Manager a call for a confidential discussion on 01242 228200! 

Sophie Harris
  Account Manager