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Did you hear the good news? It's FRIYAY!

Did you hear the good news? It’s FRIYAY!

It’s HERE! The day we haven’t been this excited for since last Friday. The day that, come 5.30pm, will free us from our obligations and routine. 
Let’s look at a few reasons why Friday is so great…

1.No more routine! It’s the day that freedom and adventure awaits, whether you have exciting weekend plans, or our personal favourite, nothing to do whatsoever! 
2.You can turn your alarm off! You’ve been waiting all week for a lie-in and the day has finally arrived where you can get into bed and catch up on some much-needed sleep! 
3.Brunch. What better to partner your lie-in with than a late breakfast – pancakes anyone?
4.Me time! Let’s face it, with a busy week comes limited time to think about yourself, when you have spent the last few days thinking of others or feeling stressed with work pressure/commitments. The weekend is here and it’s time to treat yourself! Netflix binge, chocolate, pamper sessions? All three? 
5.Time to see friends and family. As well as taking some time for yourself, you finally have the much-needed time to catch up with your loved ones.
6.We eat differently.  Whether it’s cheat day, weekend treats or takeouts – the weekend is the perfect excuse to indulge! 
7.We dress casually. Hello dress down Friday!
8.That ‘Friday Feeling’ catches! It’s the one day where there’s a mutual buzz in the office and everybody has a spring in their step. Happy vibes = happy workplace! 
9.It’s a fresh start! The work week ends and we welcome new beginnings. Whether you have had a bad week and can’t wait for it to end, or you’re ending a productive week on a high, the following week is the chance for a fresh start and you can make the week what you want it to be!
10.You can reflect. You’ll be back at work soon and now is the time to take a step back and reflect; looking to the week ahead and setting your goals. Whether it’s to go back into work with a revised ‘go-getter’ attitude or to think of your next career move, it’s your time to focus on your personal development.

We sure can all agree that we love Friday’s, but here at Brite Recruitment, we want to help you love Monday’s too! Starting a new career can be the first step. Browse our vacancies at: or contact us on 01242 228200 for a helpful chat with one of our Account Manager’s.

What do you love about Fridays? 

Yasmin Gun
Account Manager