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Ten Ways To Make Yourself More Employable After You Graduate

It’s nearly the start of the new term and for 420,000 of you – it will be an exciting and daunting first step as you commence university life! Getting through Freshers Week, a rite of passage, will most likely be the only thing on most student’s minds currently! 

It’s then easy once the term is underway to feel bogged down getting through one deadline to the next – but thinking of ways you can lay the groundwork for your career can really benefit you when you graduate. It’s never too early to start!

1.JOIN A SOCIETY – whether it be a sports team, society, or even the Harry Potter Fan Club, joining any society can demonstrate invaluable qualities to employers; teamwork/leadership/time management to name a few. It could even be a society related to your chosen career, or a position which relates to your future career. Events? Social Secretary! Management? President! 
2.PART TIME/VOLUNTARY WORK – Working in Recruitment, I can honestly say that I am always hugely impressed with candidates who have undertaken part time/voluntary work whilst studying. It demonstrates exceptional time management skills, which is invaluable to any career. 
3.SUMMER INTERNSHIP – This is a great way to gain experience in your chosen field. Not only will it make you more employable by demonstrating your dedication, it will give you an insight into whether the career will be for you! Degree + Experience = Employability!
4.SOCIAL MEDIA/BLOGGING – Whether it be writing articles for the Student Tab or your own blog – this is an excellent addition to your CV, demonstrating written communication and marketing skills.
5.CREATE A LINKEDIN PROFILE – A LinkedIn profile is an essential tool to keep an active log of everything you’re doing. A) so you don’t forget! And B) this is an online profile which headhunters/organizations can view to approach you!
6.GET TO KNOW YOUR TUTORS – Tutors are great for study advice, but also make excellent industry contacts and references!
7.NETWORKING EVENTS – Another great way to get more industry contacts and meet key people within different businesses!  
8.CAREERS ADVICE SERVICE – Whilst you might not be entering the world of work for a few years now, don’t overlook this service! Every university will provide you with FREE and TAILORED advice to help you achieve your long-term goals. 
9.THINK ENTREPRENUER – You don’t need to be the next Alan Sugar, but starting a business, creating a blog, or organizing a new student society are all ways to stand out!
10.STUDY HARD – There are so many extra-curricular activities to get involved with – but don’t forget why you came to university in the first place! A good grade is often a benchmark for most employers.

Yasmin Gun
Account Manager