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2015’s Food and Drink Trends!

It seems ‘super foods’ have been the trendiest options on the food menu’s over the last year. The usage of the super food ‘quinoa’ has more than double since the winter of 2014 and is currently on the menu’s at Nando’s, Leon, Hilton and O’Neils. Also due to a new legislations this year ‘Allergens’ have to now be mentioned on menus therefore you will now notice a rise of this on food menus.  

What's in and what's on its way out of British shopping baskets, according to the Waitrose consumer trends report 2015?

White granulated sugar:
Families consider sugar to be the "new fat"
Traditional 75cl wine bottles:
Sales of individual-sized wine bottles were up by over 25%. Meanwhile, larger-than-average bottles were also favoured by people looking to give wine as a gift
Soya milk:
Supplanted by other dairy alternatives, as part of various healthy eating drives e.g Almond, Coconut, Hazelnut milk..
Date nectar and maple syrup:
These are naturally sweet foods, which one needs less of because they have added flavour
Pre-chopped frozen fruit:Boosted by the juicing trend, as more Britons buy personal blenders
Cacao bars:
Sales have soared by 37%
Medjool dates:
A sales increase of 16%, along with the boost to cacao bars, is attributed to endorsements by Telegraph columnist Ella Woodward
The vegetable can be made into courgetti, a pasta alternative favoured by people on various diet regimes
Almond milk, bone broth and coconut products:
Their rising popularity is also down to the recommendations of health gurus

 What food we loved in 2015....
•    Avocado – most pinned food on Pinterest in the UK this year. Its used in both sweet and savoury recipes boasting amazing health benefits too. 
•    Prosecco – Preferred drink choice to bring into the new year this year.
•    Cauliflower – No longer just used for cauliflower cheese. We have now began using it in new ways.. pizza’s, cauliflower rice, roasted whole or spiced.

•    Coconut – Its health benefits seem to be endless.
•    Fermented foods (such as pickle) – Who would of thought fermenting foods would be the trendiest pastime of 2015 with it being great for our gut health.
•    Rapeseed oil - With reports that olive oil should be kept out of the frying pan, we turned to rapeseed oil to sauté our veggies. We fell in love with the buttery, nutty taste of the cold pressed variety and enjoyed its health-boosting credentials.
•    Spiralizers  - The trend for turning vegetables into noodles had the nation in a spiralizing spin and sales of spiralizers soared
•   - It was 2014's Christmas must-have and its popularity has not dwindled. Pre-chopped convenience packs of frozen fruit are now more popular than frozen pizzas in Waitrose. 

Food and Drink predictions for 2016;
Golden berries
A Peruvian berry that is set to become the next 'superfood'. 
Persian cuisine
Think lamb and chicken stews and rice dishes spiked with dried fruits and nuts. 
Sprouting seeds
Sprouting seeds supposedly have more health benefits and are easier to digest. Waitrose will introduce a sprouting kit for those wanting to give it a go at home and you can also buy pre-sprouted seeds from health food stores. Sprinkle over salads, smoothies, soups and porridge. 
Brazilian BBQ
With the Rio Olympics fast approaching, Brazilian fare is set to become very popular. Think barbecued meats, caipirinhas, lots of rice and fruit. 
Fusion foods
Not exactly new, but it's always exciting to see what the next street food pop-up will have to offer. 
Home smoking
Smoking everything from meats, vegetables, cocktails and fish in the comfort of your own home. A new party trick to wow your dinner guests. 

Going into the new year it looks like ‘super foods’ are still going to be a favourite amongst consumers and on food menus. Also with the media creating moral panics around  high sugar, red meat and saturated fat diets and what negative effects these food have on our health, different super foods are looking like they will be around and a trend for the long term!