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Our top interview preparation tips!

Preparing for an interview is almost as important as attending the interview itself. Take a look below at my top tips to make sure you're fully prepared.

Research the company - Have a look at what do they do, what values are important to them and whether they have won any awards recently? Your knowledge of the company is a key part of any interview, after all, they won’t want to hire someone who hasn’t researched the company at all.

Read the job description - It's so important to fully understand the job you're applying for and have the ability to talk about it confidently. Read through the job description thoroughly, this will give you a good outline of any duties required in the role, job descriptions often include extra information about the company!

Prepare answers - A lot of interviews are competency based, interviewers are basically looking for examples of your previous experience. Preparing answers in advance should make you less stressed about the interview, look through the job description and think of key questions they could ask.

Look up your interviewers – You should know who you are meeting with in advance of the interview. I would suggest looking them up on the company website and see if they have their own LinkedIn. They will be able to see you’ve viewed their LinkedIn profile and will know you’re preparing for the interview well.

Ask your Recruiter - If you're going through a Recruiter, it's definitely worth asking if they have any tips and tricks for the interview. Often, they will have had candidates attend the interview previously, so don’t be afraid to ask them what the interview will consist of.

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Bethany Hamilton
Account Manager