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5 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started full-time Work


Top 5 things I wish I had known when I left University and started my first full-time job. 

1-How to get into a daily routine- waking up early for work is no where near as bad as I thought initially!

Throughout my three years I enjoyed the lie ins most mornings at University! Due to studying English Literature my contact hours were minimal, so I was expected to study independently lots. This meant I was often in control of when I woke up and started working, after three years of this I expected having to wake up early and get into a routine every day for work to be difficult. Surprisingly, this was much easier than I anticipated! 

2-The days go fast!

During my time at Uni my days went slowly, I often found myself staring at the clock waiting for an appropriate time to leave the library. My three years there went past in a flash but each individual day often dragged. 
The days at work go really fast, I feel as though I have something to do all the time and come 4pm I wonder where the day has gone, and how is it nearly home time already? I can’t believe I’ve been here nearly 6 months already!

3-Asking for help/trying something new is a good thing

When starting a new job, especially if it is your first full-time job it can be very daunting. Asking your new boss and colleagues questions can also be intimidating. From my experience the more questions you ask the more you learn and the more opportunities you get to try something new within your role.  

4-Having a professional LinkedIn profile is KEY

LinkedIn is a business related social networking site and is great for Graduates, especially when looking for your first grad role. Not only does it allow you to search for specific jobs but recruiters are able to find candidates based on their skills/degree and contact them directly via LinkedIn. Once you have started your new role LinkedIn is key for developing your professional network and keeping in contact with experienced individuals and companies, as well as sharing articles and ideas.

5-Your to-do list will probably NEVER end

When I first started at Brite I was determined to finish my to-do list every day, I soon realised that this wasn’t as easy as I anticipated.  Don’t feel like you must complete everything on your list by the end of everyday- it is OK to have things roll onto the next day as long as you prioritize the most important tasks!

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Elly Holliday
Resourcing and Marketing Administrator