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5 things I’ve learnt in my first year at Brite Recruitment

Elly’s Brite Birthday.

Nearer to the end of this month I am celebrating my first Brite birthday- it’s crazy how fast the year has gone!

From starting as a fresh graduate to where I am now I can’t thank the Brite team enough, they have all been so encouraging and supportive, especially with spurring me on to try new things. 

5 things I’ve learnt in my first year at Brite Recruitment 

1) Jump on any opportunities available- Since starting here I have had the opportunity to work on a huge range of roles, which has really helped me to get my head around the needs and requirements of clients. I have also completed online marketing and Google Analytics courses, and recently I have had the opportunity to take more control of our new database and the administration behind it, these have all been helpful in my development and definitely mean that no day is the same!

2) A friendly and encouraging environment is a massive advantage- We’re really lucky here at Brite in that the team are a really close-knit and welcoming group. If one member of the team has a stormer of a month or makes their first placement then the rest of the group are really supportive and encouraging.

3) Time management is key! - In the workplace time management is key to both keeping you sane and ensuring you are on track. Prioritising and planning ahead is essential, especially when tasks have deadlines and pressured end dates that need sticking to. For me, the easiest way to do this is in a written down diary, this way I can visualise what needs doing and check completed tasks off and feel satisfied. 

4) Hard work pays off- some days may be tough, with deadlines looming and the pressures that come with hitting goals and targets. But remember, the hard work always pays off! This may be commission based or an added promotion. Recently we had our best month EVER and were treated with an amazing spa day, which was a great incentive to continue all the hard work!

5) Forming and keeping up good habits at work is crucial for a prosperous career- habits like punctuality and taking initiative are important to put into practice in your first job after University/College as they will stay with you throughout your career. Good habits help your employer see that you take pride in your work and that you are keen to learn and develop.  

I know I definitely still have a lot to learn here at Brite, but it has been a great year so far!
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Elly Holliday
Resourcing and Marketing Administrator