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5 easy ways to learn new skills!

Do you want to learn new skills but are not sure how you would be able to balance this along with full time work? Developing new skills is great for maximising your potential in your currrent role or for adding to your CV so you are able to make the next step in your career progression. CV library have compiled 5 ways in which you can learn new skills whilst still holding down full-time employment. 

Learn someone else’s job

Most days you’re probably working with your head down in your own little world and are completely oblivious to what everyone else is really doing. However, there are plenty of benefits to peering over a colleagues shoulder every now and again and finding out what they’re doing day-to-day. If you think their duties sound interesting and exciting then you could offer to lend a hand with upcoming projects or tasks. Not only will your fellow employee be eternally grateful for your assistance, but there is the opportunity to learn a new job too. It’s the easy way to gain brand new experiences to update your CV with.

Take a class

Another strong way to expand your skills set is by taking a training course. This could be something closely linked to your current position that may help you progress, or it might be a class completely unrelated to your job but is a highly desirable skill all-round. These courses take time to complete, but today many courses can be completed online and at your own pace, and they still provide a brand new qualification when you’ve reached the finish line. Why not take a look at CV-Library’s Training Courses?


Volunteering is a great way to expand your skills set, but like Training Courses, you need to be able to dedicate time to the cause. Not only does volunteering exhibit values of dedication to employers, but there is a chance for new skills and experiences develop. You could also create a strong network of connections that can direct you to other career opportunities should you desire.

Attend industry events

Now you may be thinking, “I can’t possibly do all this while working full time!” Well hold your horses there are other options. Why not attend an industry conference or event that is closely related to your role? They are the perfect way to learn while managing that busy schedule. Not only can you learn a selection of new skills at these events through workshops and the like, but there is the opportunity to network with other professionals in your industry that could land you your next job!


Asking your manager for learning and development opportunities might seem like an obvious solution to expanding your skills set, but so many of us believe that it is simply too much hassle and don’t bother. Most companies have career development plans that allow staff to use some time at the office for training. Make a case and prove to your manager how beneficial some time away from your desk to attend a training course will be for both you and the business. To help strengthen your case, you could research some external learning opportunities to help ease with cost and even take a few of your co-workers along too.