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5 ways to welcome a new employee

5 ways to welcome a new employee

With our newest team member Sophie starting here at Brite Recruitment this week, I’ve been thinking about the best ways to welcome a new employee to your business…

1.Give them an office tour –This should be one of the first things to do once they have started. Show them where everything is that they could need, after all, you don’t want them searching for the toilet for 15 minutes. Not only is this essential, they should get to introduce themselves to the team and feel more comfortable.

2.Assign them an office buddy – Every new starter needs someone to direct their queries to, it could even be a simple ‘where’s the toaster?’

3.Create them a welcome pack – Give them a step-by-step guide of everything a new-starter would need to know. This should increase their confidence with the role and they have something to refer back to until they learn the ropes.

4.Don’t overload them on their first day – Whenever you start a new role, there will be a lot of information to take in. It’s important to get new employees stuck in – many people learn by doing things themselves – but don’t overload them. Try and start them with the basics and build their knowledge gradually.

5.Give them a warm welcome on your social media – Whether you have a blog like we do, or a Twitter or Facebook account, let everyone know you have a new team member. Introducing your newest recruit to your clients and customers should make them feel welcomed into the team.

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Bethany Hamilton
Account Manager