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Everyone knows this familiar feeling: it’s 7am on a weekday, your alarm is ringing, the room is dark and you can see the windows are frosty from the freezing January air outside.
Let’s face it, jumping straight out of your warm and cosy bed is no easy task! 
There are always some little things you can to do to help prise yourself from your duvet in the morning. Life hack websites have many suggestions to offer, whether that be placing your alarm clock across the room, a warm dressing gown ready on the radiator, or having your bag packed the night before.
What if you had something more to motivate you to get out of bed? What if you had a new and exciting career to develop?
Here at Brite, we have an array of exciting vacancies to browse on our website If you are thinking about changing your job, what are you waiting for? Speak to myself or one of our other Account Managers today on 01242 228200, or email
Let’s make waking up on these cold January mornings a lot easier!  

Yasmin Gun
Account Manager