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Sun, Sun, Sun


Sun, Sun, Sun
Here in Cheltenham we are on a second consecutive day of Sunshine, along with most of the UK. On my way home last night, there were people sat in the park, eating alfresco and enjoying a cheeky alcoholic beverage in the sun – not me though, I was that person who went to the gym (I know, I know)!! 

I’m sure there was a rush in Supermarkets for items like Burgers, Sausages and Buns for that all-important BBQ and the forecast is meant to be good for the next few days too, so there will be more to come. Apparently, we are going to be hotter than parts of the Med – crazy right?!

With Sunshine comes a renewed positivity in everyone – it just lifts moods and makes everyone a lot happier. But for some people their work commitments get in the way of this enjoyment, that may be due to shift patterns or the amount of work on their plate. We here at Brite Recruitment can help you find a new career to bring sunshine back to your life, feel free to send your CV to or call 01242 228200 for a confidential discussion with one of our team.

Sophie Harris
Account Manager