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A Flying Start to the Year














A Flying Start to the Year

Last weekend, I took to the sky in what looked, and felt, like a metal tin can. A bizarre and brilliant birthday present from my older brother meant that I was set to learn how to fly a small aircraft. 

As an adrenaline lover, the idea of zooming through the sky was thrilling. But as a self-admittedly very poor driver, the idea of controlling the thing was terrifying. If I can barely control my little Peugeot, how on earth was I supposed to navigate the skies?

Thankfully, I had the reassurance of John, my excellent instructor. As we approached the plane, I stupidly decided to touch the wing… The metal bent under my grip! We squashed into the tiny cockpit and I put on my over-sized headphones. John had explained to me in great detail how the plane worked, what all the buttons did, and what my first steps would be, but suddenly this information had vanished from my mind. 

We went through it again, and I began to weave my way across the runway – they are tricky things to steer! Thankfully John took over for the take off, and before I knew it, we were soaring over beautiful countryside. 

I took back the controls and mostly focussed on trying to keep us up the right way. John only freaked out a couple of times…

Later we landed back on the airfield in a smoother fashion than any EasyJet flight I’ve ever been on. Although I don’t think I’m due a career change to become a Pilot anytime soon, it was a lot of fun!

Do you do things that push you out of your comfort zone? Whether it be a crazy experience like this, or a career decision such as interviewing for a more senior position, I believe that trying new things is the best way to learn about ourselves.

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Sophie Evans
Account Manager