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A-Level Results Day

A Level Results Day today!

So it’s A Level results day today! In fact, I am sure by now everyone has had their news!

Have you got the results you wanted? The chances are, if you have been committed to working hard you will have done okay.  Results do matter to Universities, colleges and many employers. BUT there is more to you than your exam results, they certainly won’t guarantee your success in life!

If you haven’t got the results you were expecting and were hoping to go to University.  Contact UCAS today and go through the clearing process. The good new is there are lots of places available.
If you have decided not to go down the University route there are lots of opportunities to get into the workplace and gain valuable experience to build a long-term successful career.  More and more companies are taking advantage of the government funding offered and are recruiting Apprentices into the workplace.  Other employers are keen to recruit young talent. They can provide excellent training and long-term career opportunities.  

Whatever you decide to do it is important to continue to develop skills like communication, resilience and willingness to learn. 
If you are now looking to get into the workplace you may want to consider temporary or contract roles as a way of gaining some different experiences before committing to a permanent role. If you don’t have a CV ready to go this needs to be a priority. 

At Brite Recruitment we can provide you with help and advise on how to find a role!  We recruit across the UK for Permanent, Temporary and Contract positions. Contact us today to discuss your career options!

Karen Pollard
Managing Director/Owner Brite Recruitment