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  • I must thank you so much, your pre interview call and email were amazing!


Recruitment Agency in Cheltenham

Brite Recruitment Ltd is an independent recruitment agency in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Our dynamic team is formed with over 30 years of combined experience. We are different to other recruitment agencies in Cheltenham. Our aim is to make the recruitment process as straightforward as possible. Brite Recruitment focuses on matching the perfect candidate to the perfect role, taking the pressure off you. Although we are a recruitment agency in Cheltenham, we recruit across the whole of the UK. We work with a range of global clients in a variety of industries. We have vacancies for entry level to senior/executive posts and recruit for permanent, temporary and contract positions. Often, we receive vacancies that require fluency in a European language. To service our current client base, we recruit across several regions including:

Gloucestershire, South West, South East, Berkshire, Surrey, London, Midlands and the North covering Yorkshire and Lancashire.


  • IT & Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Legal
  • Customer Services
  • Sales
  • Estate Agency
  • Administration
  • Financial Services/ Banking
  • Finance and Accountancy

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The History of Our Recruitment Agency in Cheltenham

Brite Recruitment Ltd was founded by Karen Pollard in 2006. We are comprised of a dedicated team of individuals. All our team members have undergone thorough training and proved their ability by progressing through the company. We are continuing to grow our operational structure to meet the needs of both clients and candidates.

Brite Recruitment stands head and shoulders above other recruitment agencies in Cheltenham because we take the time and effort to build excellent relationships with our clients. We have experience of recruiting for highly specific skill sets, which we make possible by using our own system of interviewing and thorough candidate preparation.

Candidates are offered full support throughout the interview process. Our service includes specific interview expectations, job requirements, and preparation advice. What makes Brite Recruitment special is our ‘personal touch’. Our Account Managers are extremely friendly and helpful and go above and beyond to ensure each candidate receives the optimum service.


Recruitment in Cheltenham

The recruitment industry is a thriving and competitive industry. Recruitment agencies in Cheltenham are constantly competing for local skills and talent. With many recruitment agencies in Cheltenham, you would have thought it would be easy to walk in to any and secure your next job. Unfortunately, this is not the case. However, many recruitment agencies will not take the time to ensure your next job is the best one for you. These recruitment agencies will send your CV to many different companies without taking the time to find the right position. Brite Recruitment offer a careful interview and screening process so that the right candidate gets matched to the right job!

With lots of recruitment agencies in Cheltenham, it is important to find the best recruitment agency for your specific needs.


Being a Recruiter

Recruitment is not an easy job. Statistically, 80% of people who enter the recruitment industry fail in the first 2 years. It’s tough being a recruiter. But for those individuals that thrive in a fast-paced environment then working in a recruitment agency could be the best job for you. Get to know more about our team at Brite Recruitment.

There are not a lot of successful recruiters out there. Being an average, mediocre recruiter is not enough to survive in the recruitment industry. The job is hard, with many disappointments. But you have to overcome these challenges to become a great recruiter. For those few individuals who enjoy the pressures involved with recruiting, working in a recruitment agency is the coolest job in the world. But why?

Recruiting is a Win-Win-Win
Unlike most commercial transactions, recruiting is not a win or lose scenario. For example, when selling a car, one person aims for the highest price, while the other bargains for the lowest price. One person will feel as if they ‘won’ the bid. In recruitment this is not the case. In a recruiter’s scenario everybody wins. Happy client, happy candidate, happy recruiter. There is something intensely rewarding about doing a job where everyone is happy with the outcome.

Make Good Things Happen
Another great part about being a recruiter means you can create great outcomes.

  • Scenario 1 - The candidate may be reluctant to go on an interview. Through your influencing skills they go along, do fantastically well, love the job, and get hired!
  • Scenario 2 - The client won’t see your top talent because of something they spotted in the CV. You persist, explaining the person is better than the paper. The client relents and your talent gets the job and even gets promoted!

It Matters
Everyone needs a job and every business needs employees. Therefore, being a recruiter matters. Recruitment agencies do not have the best reputation and often it can be deserved. But we are here to help people find jobs. That’s a good thing! It’s something a recruiter can be proud of. It makes an impact. We change people’s lives. We solve companies staffing issues. We help people further their career ambitions. It’s fantastic!

It’s Measurable
Not everyone likes to have targets to meet and statistics to follow. But some people enjoy the fact that recruitment is so measurable. If you have the right temperament, you will thrive in this competitive environment. Recruiters love the fact that you can measure yourself against your competitors and colleagues, and revel in the transparency of fee-tables and pay-by-results.

Own Your Market
If you have longevity, maintain integrity, deliver service and outcomes then you can elevate yourself to a true trusted advisor. All your work becomes exclusive and all your candidates come via referrals and commendations The clients treat you with respect and seek your advice.

When it all boils down, what all of us want from a great job is just two things: fun and money. If you’re a great recruiter, you’ll get lots of both. The fun of winning, the fun of finding people jobs, the fun of working in a job that counts.


Charity Support

Brite Recruitment is proud to be a company that cares. We support charities whenever possible and have donated money to Cobalt and The Lydbrook Band via sponsored marathons and bake sales. In September 2013 Managing Director, Karen Pollard, travelled to Uganda to teach English to schoolchildren with the OKWIR Foundation. She also ran the London Marathon on the behalf of The Miscarriage Association in 2012.


In and Around Cheltenham

Cheltenham has a very diverse and modern economy with some leading blue-chip companies operating in an around Cheltenham. Cheltenham is also conveniently situated less than 100 miles from London and provides easy access from all parts of the UK. It is also an ideal base for touring into the Cotswolds, Stratford upon Avon and Bath.

Cheltenham itself takes its name from the River Chelt and the town was awarded a market charter in 1226. Cheltenham has been a health and holiday spa town resort since the discovery of mineral springs there in 1716. The visit of George III with the queen and royal princesses in 1788 made the town very fashionable as a health spa and horse racing began in Cheltenham in 1815. Cheltenham was then specifically designed in the 18th and 19th centuries as a health resort for wealthy visitors, the legacy of which is a fantastic range of quality accommodation, restaurants and entertainment in an elegant Regency spa town.

With such a diverse economy it is so important to find the best role that suits your skills and offers the best career path for you. Brite Recruitment are a caring and detailed recruitment agency, offering you only carefully selected positions where we know you will thrive.