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A ‘Farewell Amy’ Afternoon Tea at the Queens Hotel

In our office, we like to consider ourselves ‘Ladies who Lunch’ but on this occasion we were ‘Ladies who Afternoon Tea’d’ and then cocktail’d for good measure! 

As we are due to bid farewell to the gorgeous Amy, who leaves us on the 31st of May to offer fantastic support to a Women’s Charitable organisation in Costa Rica, it was the perfect opportunity (some might say excuse!!) to get together and have a girly afternoon/evening. 

As you can imagine, office discussions in the week leading up to our ‘girlie date’ were based around clothes and then food. 

Firstly (and most importantly) - What does one wear for Afternoon Tea?? 

Well, last Saturday (21st May) was the date in question and in true British summer time fashion, Saturday was a complete wash out!! So, armed with the age old advice of ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’ we all opted for an outfit with matching brollie! 

Secondly – What’s on an Afternoon Tea??

This Afternoon Tea, or  ‘Tiffin’ as its named by The Queen’s, was made up of a selection of dainty little Sandwiches, which included Egg mayo, Chicken, Salmon and Ham and we each had a scone with cream and lashings of lemon curd or Jam. There was an option of either having Sweet Treats or Savoury Picnic items to go with it and we all had the Sweet option apart from Lisa who opted for Savoury. The Sweet selection consisted of amazing Macaroon’s (an office favourite), éclairs and 3 types of mini gateaux. Those who have been caught up in the Bake Off craze would know them as Gateaux Opera! The Savoury option had mini pasties, sausage rolls, pork pies and quiche and was served with a psychedelic portion of perfect piccalilli.  

So, after a couple of hours of eating mini goodies and sipping many pots of freshly brewed tea, we could have all been rolled out of the door in Violet Beauregarde fashion! 

Well, that is where the ‘ladies’ part of our story ends! Crazy 8’s, Lily Gins and Vodka Revs were all visited in quick succession after The Queen’s and some of us ended up at the only place in town to be seen when post cocktail food is to be had, Charlie’s Chippy! 

Tiffin at The Queens was simply lovely. The food was yummy and the service great. We were never hurried or rushed out of the door, our pots of tea were never empty and we were even helped out with a couple of group photo’s. We would definitely recommend The Queens and would suggest booking as it was very busy. We arrived at the hotel at 2:30pm and stayed until about 5pm making it great for a girly afternoon,  lot’s of chatting or just for the shear hell of it!