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"As one door closes, another one opens"

Spent time tailoring your CV… No reply? Felt as though you smashed that interview… yet still unsuccessful? A familiar story for some searching for a new job. It’s disheartening and leaves you wondering what did I do wrong? What can I possibly do better? Shall I just give up?

STOP! Throw those negative thoughts away, far away. 

The most important thing when job hunting is not letting rejection stop you from moving forward. Make sure you do celebrate the small victories and move on quickly when things don’t go so well. Stay focused and set goals that are achievable, for example, allow yourself one hour per day to look for jobs. I always find its helpful to take the positive aspects out of a rejection. So, you didn’t get the job, but the interview gave you valuable experience and you now know how you can improve next time. Perhaps you didn’t get the job and received no negative feedback, just think, you are doing it right, you’ve just got to do the same again when the next opportunity arises. Did you make a new valuable contact for the future? Turn those negatives into positives! 

As recruiters, we deal with rejection daily and this leaves us questioning ourselves too. I’ve had candidates that are fantastic people and killed their interviews, but they didn’t get the job. At Brite we build lasting relationships with candidates, and we feel just as disappointed when we have to let good people know that they’ve not got the job. When this happens I usually end up walking home thinking what could I have done to make things better, and the answer is usually nothing. Unfortunately, that door just wasn’t their door and there is probably something perfect for them waiting around the corner. 

So, if you’re feeling a bit low and rejected, remember, pick yourself up and try again. As the saying goes ‘as one door closes, another one opens’. 

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Charlotte Haines 

Account Manager