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How to prepare for interview

You got the interview! Now what?

There are some proven steps you can take to ensure that you make the best impression. Clearly, this is not a guaranteed hiring technique, however, it will help!

   Make sure you know the companies culture and history. With the internet and social networking, not one person has an excuse to not complete this step.
   Study your CV so that you never have to refer to it during your interview. It is your life, you should know it!
   Find people on social networking sites that have and are currently working at this company, ask them questions about their experience. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to hold a conversation with the interviewer.
   Always have questions written down that you want to ask. i.e.: Is this a new position or would I be replacing somebody? Why didn’t the last employee work out? What does the growth ladder look like?
   Do some research to find out what the people in your desired position wear to work. This is a powerful tool, if you dress like you already belong there, it is easier for them to envision you there.
   When you are being interviewed, it is ok to be human (it is actually encouraged). Smile, laugh, and take a moment to answer a question. We want to see you, not a robot!
   Remember, you are in there because they deemed you qualified enough to be invited for an interview. The rest is up to you, show them why you are the best choice!

With each interview you go on, learn from it. If you happen not to get an offer, ask them why.

Make it a great day or not, the choice is YOURS!