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Students in Recruitment


Students of recruitment

Summer is traditionally a time for university students to travel, party or earn money to see them through the coming year.

But for 24 UK undergraduates, this summer involved intensive internships in the recruitment industry in a new Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) internship programme.  

Developed to give young people an insight into the recruitment industry, the aim was also to help ensure availability of high-calibre trainees entering the profession.

Interns took up placements at a global IT recruiter.

They knew almost nothing about the industry before learning of the programme and were still unsure as they headed into a week-long intensive training programme.

They were given a mentor and spent the next 11 weeks sourcing talent and job vacancies. For all four, the internships were initially daunting, then exciting — but above all, provided deep insight into the industry, leaving some hoping for a career in the field.

APSCo member relationship manager Moya Rylands told Recruiter that APSCo’s UK internship programme, a pilot, led to 24 internships across 14 recruitment companies. Throughout the UK, 400 had expressed an interest in the programme, which Rylands said was far more than expected. Next year, APSCo is considering making placements longer than 12 weeks.

Internships were also offered through APSCo in Singapore, where 10 students were placed across seven companies.