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Top 10 Worst Professions

It’s bad news for traffic wardens, lorry drivers and strippers… a new poll has revealed the top 10 jobs which are least attractive to the opposite sex.

The Vouchercloud survey found that the most off-putting jobs include those that consist of ‘unsociable hours’, a ‘danger factor’ and ‘jobsworth’ positions.

Undesirable occupations for attracting the opposite sex include strippers, traffic wardens and waste disposal operatives. Surprisingly, those working in the military also featured near the list of least appealing professions.

Matthew Wood from says: “Some of the jobs at the top of the list are quite surprising. While traffic wardens are often regarded in a negative light, is their job really that bad?”

The top 10 least attractive professions voted for by 2,122 men and women were:

1.    Traffic warden - 35%
2.    Long-distance lorry driver - 28%
3.    Member of the military - 22%
4.    Stripper - 16%
5.    Fast food restaurant worker - 15%
6.    Taxi driver - 12%
7.    Second-hand car salesperson - 11%
8.    Waste disposal worker - 9%
9.    Politician - 7%
10.  Prison officer - 6%

Luckily, being a recruiter didn’t appear on the list, so collective sighs of relief all round.