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Brite Welcomes our office Beagles

Does an office pet make for a more productive working environment? 

You may have noticed a couple of recent posts from us here at Brite Recruitment about our temporary office pets – our Director Karen has 3 beagles and they have each paid us a visit in the past few months. While not a permanent fixture, it’s been great fun to have our four-legged friends with us throughout the working day.  

It’s got us thinking - what is the general consensus around office pets? There seem to be arguments both for and against. 
A boost in morale and increased social interaction at work can often be seen as the direct result of an office pet and a recent survey suggested that a third of UK businesses have a pet policy that welcomes pets into the office. 

However, there is also still the opinion amongst many that an office pet can cause distractions amongst staff, unwanted stress for some employees and cleanliness could potentially be an issue (not the case with our lovely beagles!). 

Whatever your thoughts – a good working environment within any setting is key to job satisfaction. Whether that’s achieved through the presence of an office pet or simply working in a job that you are passionate about, it should be an important factor to consider when seeking a new job. 

We at Brite Recruitment ensure that we gain detailed information about the specific working environments with each of our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to inform candidates about what they can expect from their new job in terms of office environments, teams and ethos of the company. 
If you’re seeking a new position and value detailed insight from agencies, give us a call today for a conversation with one of our experienced Account Managers – we can’t promise the presence of an office pet, but we do support some fantastic clients with exciting working environments across the UK!

Rhia Leitch
Account Director