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Chasing January's Goals?

With ‘Dry January’ officially over, who can say they actually stuck to this? Or ‘New Year, New Diet’ or ‘Quitting Smoking’ or ‘Learning something New’, the list goes on…

92% of people don’t achieve the goals they set themselves. Why is this you ask?! 
1.    Goals are too hard and unachievable
2.    Motivation
3.    No preparation
4.    Not enough time
5.    Social Situations 
6.    Lack of self-belief 

No-one is perfect and everyone will have a moment of weakness but it is about picking yourself up and getting back on track – whatever your goal is!! 

Some helpful tips for keeping your goals on track:
•    Don’t attempt previously failed goals
•    Break your goal up into manageable steps
•    Tell family and friends what your goal is
•    Regularly remind yourself of why you have set this goal
•    Give yourself small rewards 
•    Make a plan and write it down
•    Know you will have set-backs and don’t let that be the reason for giving up completely!

We at Brite Recruitment are here to help you if your goal is to find a new job. We have a number of positions across multiple sectors; IT, Finance, Telecoms, Customer Service and Administration so don’t  waste another minute and look at our website today – or call us on 01242 228220 for a confidential discussion.

Sophie Harris
Account Manager