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Christmas at Brite

The time of year is upon us! The Christmas parties are in full swing! The poor excuse for Christmas decorations are up in the office, by poor we mean a bit of tinsel thrown around the office, clinging on to anything that will hold it up! 

We celebrated our Christmas bash on Friday 9th December. We dressed up in our best sparkly glad rags, with Sophie looking particularly festive in her vivid green lace dress. And headed into Cheltenham for a festive feast and a night on the town. 

This year, The Chelsea Bar and Brasserie played host for our annual Christmas swaray. In amongst a lively group also enjoying their Christmas shindig, the Brite team sat surrounded by over 1,000 bottles of wine that covered the walls - (which we obviously weren’t complaining about). 

This year it was Brite’s newest recruit Yasmin who was the last to arrive, after she had to make a mad dash back home to pick up her forgotten secret santa pressie. Ooops 

Once we had all arrived and selected the wine choice of Sauvignon Blanc, we enjoyed a scrumptious 3 course meal. Starters included; Smoked salmon, Sweet potato soup and a rather different take on a Christmas bird – pigeon. This was then followed by mains of; Roast Turkey (obviously), Pork Belly, Sea Bass, Beef and Butternut Squash risotto. 

As we are a very big chocolate loving office, we all picked the extremely chocolatey Chocolate Brownie. Bert however, chose the Cheesecake but soon regretted his choice when our desserts arrived.  

We eagerly exchanged Secret Santa gifts with it being Karen this year who had picked me for a second year in a row. Sorry Karen! 

We left the stylish atmosphere of The Chelsea Bar and Brasserie and headed to Vodka revs to bust out some rather impressive dance moves – Well we thought so! Rhia even brought her carnival inspired moves to the dancefloor. I took it upon myself to show Bert some of my collective moves – he was very smooth even adding in some of his own! 

We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening! It was lovely to be able to get together and celebrate the great year we’ve had with the best team! 

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From all of us here at Brite! 

Christmas at Brite by Catherine Hatton