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Christmas is upon us

Christmas is upon us

So here we are in the middle of November and everywhere I look Christmas seems to be upon us.  It certainly was when I was in Bristol this week. Even the Christmas Tree was up in Clifton Village.

At this time of year people always seem to put their feet up, focus on all the Christmas festivities and forget about looking for a new job.  The thought process is ‘New Year, New job’!  I do get this of course as there are lots of distractions, Christmas Parties, Work nights out, Christmas Markets, late night Christmas Shopping etc.

However, I would recommend finding the motivation to look for a new job during November and December. All of our Clients are certainly still busy and looking to interview before Christmas.  The market is less competitive as there are fewer people actively on the market. Companies will be interviewing fewer candidates per role so your chances of securing your perfect job are often greater.  Wait until 2nd of January and everyone who has made a New Year’s Resolution to secure themselves a new job in the new year comes alive.  How great would it be to know you have secured that perfect new job ahead of the January rush, and as you head into January you are already starting your new role.

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Karen Pollard

Owner and Managing Director of Brite Recruitment