Latest Testimonial

  • Brite Recruitment is the most efficient agency that I have contacted; they are fast, easy, helpful and look after the workers very well


How we operate:

Brite Recruitment is dedicated to finding your ideal candidates as efficiently as possible. In order to do this, we adopt the following processes:

Your Account Manager meets with you to get an overview of the business, its culture, and values. We have a committed team of Resourcers who are constantly attracting, sourcing and networking to create an extensive talent pool of potential candidates, from which we cherry pick the most suitable for your current vacancies. We aim to fill even the most hard-to-fill vacancies via headhunting, networking and thorough resourcing. We complete in-depth competency interviews with each prospective candidate, and once evaluated, submit their CV with a detailed profile of the candidate, highlighting the specific skills and experience required. We fully screen candidates and prepare them for the interview so as to select only the best matches for your team. We are also willing to spend the day working within your departments, or shadowing an individual team member; to get the best impression of what sort of candidate can add value to your business.

What we can offer you:

Brite Recruitment has an elite selection of clients in order to provide each account with the most focused and specialised service, specific to each client’s needs and requirements. Instead of diluting our service over a large number of clients, we can offer the delivery of our service throughout your whole organisation. For the same reason, we do not like to work on accounts within the same industry so that we avoid any conflict of interest and ensure that we’re 100% committed to each client. We have vast experience of recruiting at all levels within all areas of each company. Brite values its clients; we meet regularly with all of our clients and liaise directly with the hiring Managers to really understand their exact requirements, over and above what is stated on the job description. All candidates are thoroughly prepared and screened via in-depth interviews. We also ensure that candidates are eligible to work without restrictions in the UK. We work to create a great customer experience from beginning to end, and approach all challenges with positivity and enthusiasm. Our aim is to provide you with the most cost-effective recruitment solution; delivering the right candidates to ease the recruitment process and help you fill your positions as quickly as possible.

Brite Recruitment provides both permanent and temporary staffing solutions; our team of Resourcers and Marketers are constantly searching for and attracting new talent to expand a vast talent database for any recruitment needs you have. This database contains candidates with a wide range of skill sets and includes candidates with immediate availability for your temporary positions. We also manage pre-employment screening, reference checks and payroll to ensure you receive an efficient, hassle-free temporary recruitment service. Meanwhile we manage an ongoing marketing campaign across a variety of channels to ensure we are continuously maximising our reach to new candidates.

For any queries please give us a call at 01242 228200.