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CV Lies

Whether it’s over-exaggerating one’s skills or the job title of a previous role, many have been tempted to tell the odd ‘little white lie’ on their CV before now.

However, almost three quarters of employers can spot even the smallest of lies, according to research.

Jobs website, CareerBuilder reports that of the 71% of recruitment managers that have found discrepancies on a CV, 41% instantly discard the application.

Half (52%) of those that didn’t discard the application said that it would depend upon the nature of the lie as to whether they progressed with the candidate.

Only six per cent said they would potentially turn a blind eye to the lie, if they liked the candidate.

Rosemary Haefner, Vice-President of Human Resources at CareerBuilder said: “Trust is very important in professional relationships, and by lying on your CV, you breach that trust from the very outset.

“If you want to enhance your CV it is better to focus on highlighting tangible examples from your actual experience. Your CV doesn’t necessarily have to be the perfect fit for an organisation, but it needs to be relevant and most importantly accurate.”

And it would seem that the economic downturn had a strong influence upon whether a candidate embellished on a CV as 39% of HR staff reported an increase in elaborations since the recession.