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Get some interesting experience on your CV!

Get some interesting experience on your CV!

Last weekend I accompanied a team of students who were taking part in a Military Skills training  Competition as part of their CCF (Combined Cadet Force) activity.  There were a series of stands across the weekend around navigation, first aid, shooting, marching, and the gun run! It was an interesting and active weekend encouraging teamwork and leadership and most of all great fun.  

In my job as a recruiter I review hundreds of CVs on a day to day basis.  Extra-curricular activities really do make a CV stand out from the crowd. Particularly when starting out in your career, experiences such as CCF, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, work experience or voluntary work is key.  This really does start at school!  More emphasis does need to be put on this and encouraged.  If employers are recruiting at Graduate level, degrees are important for sure but additional experiences should be highlighted.  Extra life experiences certainly stand out to me when I am reviewing CVs.

Anyway, for me, it’s back to the day job.  If you are looking for your next career move do get in touch.  Connect with Brite Recruitment on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and visit our website or forward your CV to

Karen Pollard
Owner & Managing Director of Brite Recruitment