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  • Rhia, Yasmin and the team at Brite consistently deliver an exceptional level of service both to myself and the line managers

Holiday Season

Although you wouldn’t say it was summer looking outside today in Gloucestershire, it is! Its predicted to be the busiest ever day for UK airspace. A whooping 2.4million UK holidaymakers are jetting overseas today – but I am one of the unlucky ones still here. Not only is it airspace, but its predicted this weekend will be one of the busiest on the UK’s roads too, as most schools have now finished. 
So, whether you are sunning yourself abroad, sipping a cocktail or packing the car up for a road trip we wish you a lovely holiday (with hopefully no delays!). For those of you, like myself, still working hard in the office waiting patiently for your time off – don’t worry, it will come! 

But for those of you who are dreading going back to work after your holiday or are sitting in the office twiddling thumbs, waiting for something to do then stop and answer these questions Do you still enjoy your job? Are you happy in the position? If you have answered ‘No’ then you need a change – so don’t delay and look at our website today,  for current positions or alternatively call our office, 01242 228200, to have a confidential chat with one of our Account Managers. 

Sophie Harris
Account Manager