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Improving Your Morning Routine Before Work

The dreaded Monday morning arrives and after a hectic weekend the last thing you want to do is jump out of bed. However, Monday mornings can be the most crucial part of the working week. They set the pace, tenor and mood for the whole week to come.

Here are a few tips to enhance your morning routine to make Mondays a little less painful.

Start Your Day Early
Try going to bed early on a Sunday night and set your alarm to wake up early on Monday. Getting enough sleep will help you feel rested and you won’t feel as terrible having to get out of bed. Rejuvenate your body and soul will a session of exercise. It is also important to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast. All these suggestions will help to generate positive thoughts and energize you to complete your tasks ahead.

Be Happy
We know it is hard to be in a pleasant mood on a Monday morning but there are a few things you can do to combat the irritability. Don’t let bad experiences of the weekend show. Dress well and keep smiling. By forcing yourself to appear positive, this will have a knock-on effect to your genuine mood.

Greet Colleagues
Share your positive energy with co-workers. Greet them with a smile and take time out to build a rapport with them. Just say a warm ‘hello’ or talk to them about their weekend if you have the time. Make sure to listen as well! You can learn a lot of things about them personally as well as professionally.

Be Focussed
Be mindful of digital distractions. The Internet is full of potential diversions. Don’t get caught in this trap! Click with care and keep your eye on the clock. In most cases, you shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes of your morning routine scanning news headlines or checking social media.

Organize Yourself
Leave home early to avoid traffic and parking hassles. Reaching the workplace early gives you time to prepare yourself to tackle the day ahead. Organize your files (on your desk as well as your desktop) because a clutter-free work place will allow you to manage your day well.

There will be many things that yearn for your attention. You must set your priorities right to keep your day organized. Identify your top, most critical tasks and create a to-do list. The list will help you stay focussed and productive throughout the day or week.

Scan Emails
Do not get carried away and let funny emails and inspirational quotes to eat up your time. Check your inbox to find the urgent messages and reply to these first. Also, don’t feel compelled to open and respond to every message the instant it arrives. Organize your mail box by following the management mantra of “Do it, Dump it or Delegate it”.

One at a Time
Focus on one thing at a time. Every professional needs to multitask to some degree. But continuously tackling several tasks simultaneously is mentally taxing and can lead to mistakes. When working on a project, particularly a high-profile one, give it your full attention.

Take Time
You may want to work on a lot of things but make sure you do them to perfection. Rushing things while committing mistakes may irritate your bosses and call for a re-work. Give tasks their due attention and time.


Do you want to love Mondays?

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