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International Day of Happiness at Work

International Day of Happiness encourages people to start spreading the happiness. Considering most employed people spend a lot of time in the workplace, why not start by celebrating the health and wellness of your workplace community?

Benefits of Workplace Happiness

Why is it important to be happy? Because happy employees are the best employees!

A recent study by the University of Warwick found that happy workers are 12% more productive. Employees who are happy are less stressed, more motivated and embrace teamwork. Therefore, these happy employees have a better work performance and are more successful.

As well as this, employers experienced reduced absentee rates and higher loyalty.

Positive emotions help to reduce the risk of health problems e.g. stress, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Client Happiness
The mood and attitude of employees can have a huge effect on customers and clients. If your employee has a good attitude, then your customers/clients will have the best experience.

Promoting Workplace Happiness

Be Friendly
Elevate the happiness across the office by greeting each other with a smile and hello. By acknowledging one another on a personal level, displaying friendly behaviours, giving positive feedback and generally helping one another out you can create a whole new workplace atmosphere.

Be Encouraging
When it comes to workplace happiness, encouraging professional growth can really show the employees they are valued. By offering opportunities to grow through development classes, workshops or further education it will improve the employee’s skills – plus it’s a bonus for the company!

Be Social
Plan a social gathering where the employees can get together outside of the workplace. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Scheduling a regular social event can help to make your employees feel appreciated and valued.

International Day of Happiness at Work

Celebrate the importance of happiness and promote a happy environment at your workplace. Spread optimism and positivity by using the steps above and see the benefits take effect immediately. Find more great ideas for Employee Wellness Programmes on CareerAddict.

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