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Is it ever too early to advertise for Christmas?

If you have been to a restaurant, pub or hotel recently you would have probably noticed a Christmas display advertising Christmas bookings. At my local pub I noticed their Christmas display was up when I returned from my holiday in mid –August! 

AUGUST!!!!! Which is still summer and 4 months away from the festive season!!  For me personally August is far too early to be thinking about Christmas! 

However for the hospitality industry Christmas preparation gets earlier and earlier each year. BigHospitality ( suggests that restaurant and hotels often start gathering information and ideas in July and August.  Pubs and Bars often leave it to September, depending on how big and important Christmas is to them. Hospitality venues feel that they need to start the groundwork surrounding Christmas because the competition in the festive season is so big that a lot of preparation is needed to make their venue stand out.  

For many businesses August can be seen as a great month for targeting Christmas, as summer is dying down and people realise that Christmas is soon approaching and people will be thinking about booking Christmas parties and meals. Business can target other companies with taster sessions and advertising Christmas party deals. I saw a deal yesterday which offered a free bottle of Prosecco  for every 6 people that booked a Christmas party with the company! Hotels and restaurants can use early advertising as trial and error, if their advertisement or offers aren’t working throughout the months of September and October they have time to change them and make them more appealing to make sure they are getting lots of bookings for November and December. 

I feel myself that even now in late October that Christmas is still too far away to be thinking about however here at Brite we have already booked our Christmas Party, because even now in October  popular restaurants and venues will be beginning to get booked up. From this you can understand why hotels, restaurants, pubs etc are so keen to get Christmas advertised so early because of all the work and preparation needed to get people booked in at your venue. 

Just remember there are only 64 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!