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  • 'I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and especially Sophie Harris who has helped me this July to secure my position.'

It's never too late to start your job search!

With the last bank holiday of the year now gone and those lovely warm, sunny days and longer nights disappearing very quickly. Am I the only one who thinks this year has gone by in a flash? How are we at the end of August and about to go into September?

For me this year has been exceptionally busy both at Brite, and personally. With it being so busy it’s hard to take a step back and review life, let alone a day! But this is useful to do, a fresh mind set can work wonders – even if that’s just popping out the office for 5 minutes, writing a to-do-list for the next day or chatting through the day/your concerns with a colleague. 

If you have been feeling like a ‘zombie’ recently and getting caught up in day to day life - get up, go to work, go to the gym, cook dinner, go to bed – repeat! Then maybe you need a change of routine and a new career to excite you?!

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P.s If you are starting to panic that the year has passed you by then don’t worry, you do still have 4 months left to action anything still outstanding or turn the year around to end on a high.

Remember, anything is possible!

Sophie Harris
Senior Account Manager