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It's time for something new!

Trying new things can be scary; the idea of meeting new people and starting off somewhere new is daunting to most of us.

Whilst studying for 3 years at University, I tried playing women’s rugby for the first time and now I’ve graduated I am looking to continue! 

This Thursday, I will be going to my first training session with a women’s rugby club in Cheltenham. Despite the team looking and sounding very welcoming and friendly, I am still nervous!
Throughout my time playing rugby at University, I have come to understand the importance of starting something new as it may end up being something you want to continue with for the rest of your life. 

As young adults, parents and even teachers would push us to decide our future career paths and ambitions.
 In the real world, this is much more difficult than we expect. After graduating, I had next to no idea what career I wanted to go into and felt a lot of pressure from those around me. I was constantly asked: “What are you going to be doing after your graduate?”- when in reality, none of us have much of an idea at all! 

Starting my first ‘proper’ job recently after graduating, I can appreciate the stress and pressure to try out new things; especially a new job! I am now 4 weeks into my time here at Brite and am really enjoying it. Trying out new jobs and career paths is key for experience and potentially finding something you want to grow and progress in. It is important to give other careers a chance and have patience. 
Being anxious and unsure about your career path after University or college is completely normal. To find out what you want to do, you’ve got to experience and try new and different roles! 

Are you unsure of your career path? Do you want to try a new job? Browse our latest vacancies on our website and specific Grad roles which could be perfect for you! Alternatively, give one of our Account Managers a call for more information on 01242 228200.
Elly Holliday
Resourcing and Marketing Administrator