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Is Your Job Search as Flat as a Pancake?

Pancake Day has creped up on us again.

A job search is very similar to flipping pancakes. The activity is exciting at the start, with the promise of something you can really get your teeth into. Once you’ve begun the actual process it is not all that fun. Usually you will have to redo something differently or change your technique. But in the end, it’s all worth the hassle.

The Job Search Process

We completely understand how much of a struggle searching for a new job can be. That’s why at Brite Recruitment we are dedicated to taking a different approach to recruiting. Our promise is to make the job search as straightforward as possible, for both candidates and clients. The process is simple:

Step 1
The first step of any job search is to gather the ingredients, so to speak. You will need an up-to-date CV which includes all relevant information. There are many job search websites out there that provide some helpful hints and tips on how to write a good CV. We suggest taking a look at Reed’s Career Advice.

Step 2
Once you are happy with your CV, the next step is finding that job you want to apply for. How do you find the perfect job? As a candidate it can be tough crawling through the vacancies on all the different job search sites. 

At Brite Recruitment we make sure our candidates are perfectly suited to any role that we may put forward. If we have your details, we can keep you updated with any new vacancies you wish to apply for.

Step 3
Once we have found you the perfect job it’s back to you! We will advise you on how to best prepare and guide you through the interview. Our team offer tips throughout each stage. We want to see you succeed!

Is your job search falling flat?

Flip your job search this Pancake Day with Brite Recruitment! Email us at or get in touch to discuss our current vacancies on 01242 228200.