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Lisa's day at the Rugby World Cup

Well, what a day that was!!!!! The best seat in the house, some fantastic clients and a feast of freshly prepared food from Steve and his team.
As a huge rugby fan myself, imagine what a privilege it was to get involved with the RWC team for a second time. And this time, in my own home county!
What a fantastic atmosphere there was at Kingsholm on Wednesday for the Scotland v Japan game. Especially after the epic performance from Japan last weekend.
With a host of clients belonging to a Japanese company but hailing from across the wee boarders of Hadrian’s Walls, they were in a quandary about which flag to fly. So, destined to spend the day with a very excited me, we decided to shout for Japan in the first half and Scotland in the second. I’m convinced that was the only influence in how the game panned out!
This is a very true reflection of why working in the Hospitality industry is the best. If you’re lucky enough to work at sporting events and the like, you get to see some great games/matches/concerts, you get to spend your working day making sure others enjoy their day and you get paid for it. What more could you ask for?
What’s the catch i hear you ask? Speak to my feet, they’ll fill you in. #mypoorfeet