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Locate an old friend day

Locate an Old Friend Day

Locate an Old Friend Day is on Monday, so maybe it is time to look back into your past and try and reconnect with somebody who you have fallen out of touch with. Your primary school best friend, your university drinking partner, an old teacher perhaps? Whoever it may be, they will probably have shaped your life in some way. 

Not only will it be nice to have a good catch up, you never know how much the reconnection could impact your life. The life experiences that you’ve both gained whilst apart could be the key to brightening each other’s futures. They may give you a piece of advice or even a contact that could enhance your career.

LinkedIn is a great way of getting back in contact, but be sure to send a personalised message with your connection request so that they remember you! 

If the reconnection inspires a change in direction, take a look at our list of available roles to see if any of them could be right for you.

Alternatively, you could help out that old friend by referring them for a role, whilst earning yourself up to £200 in vouchers!

Sophie Evans

Account Manager