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Making the most of your first week!


Your first week in a new job can be daunting, I certainly felt this as the newest member at Brite. You want to make the right first impressions and learn quickly so you can be a valued member of the team. So here are some simple tips to help you in your first week.

1.Turn up on time- This is one of the most important pointers for your first day. Turn up early and show them that you’re excited and committed to start your new role.

2.Look smart- Show them you take pride in your appearance by wearing the appropriate attire. You are the face of their company, scrub up and look sharp! Show them you care about their company appearance. 

3.Smile- In my experience, a smile goes a long way. No one wants to see a miserable face on a Monday morning, so get those pearly-whites out and make them know you’re happy to be there. 

4.Listen- Try your best to listen and take in all the instructions given to you. Take on board any advice co-workers give you. 

5.Don’t be afraid to ask questions- Asking questions is key to helping you learn the role, by shying away from asking the things you’re not sure of may result in colleagues thinking you’ve grasped the tasks when you haven’t. They’re there to help so just ask!

6.Be prepared to learn from your mistakes- Whether it is your first week or you’ve been in a role for years you always need to learn from your mistakes. In your first week try not to take them to heart, you’re in training and your new employer will expect you to stumble. Ask your colleagues what you did wrong, maybe take a notepad to remind yourself how to do it next time. You’ll be in the swing of things before you know it!

7.Relax- With all the nerves of your first day, you can forget to relax. Take a deep breath so you can concentrate on listening and learning your new role. 

8.Introduce yourself- Make an effort to say hello and introduce yourself to your new co-workers. These are the people you will be spending a lot of time with. 

9.Make the tea- Though this one may seem simple, offering to make the tea/ coffee is a great way to earn brownie points with your co-workers. 

10.Enjoy yourself- Try not to get too bogged down with nerves and worries. Try to enjoy the new experience and make the most of it.  

Before you start your first week at a new job- you have to find the right job for you! Are you currently looking for a new career? Take a look at our site, or call one of our Account Managers for more information- 01242 228200

Charlotte Haines
Account Manager