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March Madness in Cheltenham

(Warning, Egg based poetic thesaurus use!)
Well now that the madness of Cheltenham Race Week is a distant memory, everyone is looking forward to the Bank Holiday and a couple of Eggsrta days off right?

Wrong! If you work in Hospitality that is.

Bank holidays mean the complete opposite. Whilst the office 9-5ers are counting down to Thursday and the end of the working week, frantically trying to hit targets in 4 days, ensuring those lose ends are tied up and coming in to a little Easter egg treat on their desks, those in hospitality are relishing in the calm before the Bank Holiday storm.

Easter is the first Bank Holiday weekend of the year and what with it being 3 months since the last one, we’re all Eggstraordingarily out of practice. Add to this the fact that Easter is early this year and that it happens to fall on a pay weekend, makes the Eggciting prospect of the whole BH, a mini Christmas revival!  (I promise there’s only 1 more!!)

While lots of people are planning to take the family away for a week or the better half on a romantic weekend somewhere, the travel industry are watching the £’s come in with eyes popping out like razor clams at the sniff of a little salt and the team at the end of the booking are wondering if they have enough staff and equipment to cope with the weekend without ordering any more of either when next years spending budget hasn’t been announced yet!

Of course the weather plays a huge part in what we do on a BH. Pub, day trips, seaside or, dare I say it so early in the year, BBQ, and by now, those in hospitality could probably write a meteorological thesis that Michael Fish would be proud of. True to UK BH form, it looks like the weather is a little on the nippy side this Easter so depending on what side of the bar you’re on, you’ll either be laughing or crying!

On the whole though, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re partial to walking in the country and popping to a ramblers friendly pub on the way back, itching to slip on the glad rags and boogie until it hurts all weekend or planning to lock yourself in a dark ambient room and eat your bodyweight in Eggceptionally good chocolaty goodness at the end of the shift, a BH is the nation’s way of making sure all of us do a little of what keeps us sane.