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Motivation can be a key factor to success in many aspects of life. Motivators can come in all forms and are usually different for each individual. You can have different motivators in the work place vs personal life and these can alter as we grow and develop as people. In any case, to achieve a set goal or target successfully, motivation is needed along the way and it’s good practice to identify your own personal motivators to keep you on track, whether you’re looking to change job or reach a set life goal.
Typical motivators in the work place can be;

  • Salary
  • Company benefits/rewards
  • Commission
  • Flexible working
  • Progression
  • Training opportunities/courses
  • Team environment

What would motivate you the most from the list above? Is your current job role fulfilling each point and more? 
If not and you’re seeking a new job but are lacking motivation, try setting small goals, get inspired by others around you (family, friends, colleagues etc) and stick with it – from continued small successes can come big achievements. 

What are your motivators? What motivates you within your job search? Let us know – Call us for a conversation – 01242 228 200, register with us at or pop in to our Cheltenham based offices. 

Account Director
Rhia Leitch