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  • Rhia, Yasmin and the team at Brite consistently deliver an exceptional level of service both to myself and the line managers

My First Two Weeks at Brite

Having completed my first 2 weeks here at Brite Recruitment, I thought I’d share my top tips for surviving your first couple of weeks in a new job.

1.Get stuck in – my best advice would be to throw yourself straight into the job, take on as many tasks as you can in your first couple of weeks to start building your skill set (and confidence) right away.
2.Get into a routine – give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready and get to work, the quicker you can establish a good morning routine, the easier you’ll find the early mornings.
3.Ask for help – you’re new, no one expects you to know everything already! 
4.Be aware – the biggest thing that’s helped me so far is to listen in to other people in the office and try to pick up on how they approach a situation.
5.Let your personality show – try not to stay within your shell, talk to people and build relationships wherever you can.

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Bethany Hamilton
Account Manager