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National Stress Awareness Day - November 2016

Today, 2nd November 2016 is National Stress Awareness Day. Stress has done/ will affect everyone at some point in their lives. Stress is the feeling of being under too much emotional or mental pressure. Pressure turns into stress when you feel you’re unable to cope. 

Stress is caused by many different things, but often it is caused by work, relationships and money problems. Studies show that stress related absences accont for 31% of absences in the workplace, but more significantly, 49% of absences within the public services sector are stress related – this is almost half!!

A report by England’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies claimed that in 2015, 440,000 cases of work related stress, depression and anxiety cost the UK economy £100 billion. 

Work related stress can be managed. Many bigger organisations will have preventative procedures in place to help reduce stress levels for their employees, these often include;

•    Employee health and fitness programmes – It’s a well-known fact that exercise helps releases the feel good brain stimulant endorphins!

•    Flexible working – a good work-life balance is key!

•    Workplace counselling 


Coping mechanisms when dealing with stress…
•    Learn how to manage your time effectively – You’re not a machine, you cannot work flat out 24/7. Focus on the more important tasks and don't waste time on the less important tasks that can be delegated.
•    Adopt a healthy lifestyle – Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, drink plenty of water and exercise.
•    Don’t take on too much – Don’t be afraid to say no!!!!
•    Find out what causes your stress – It’s much easier to deal and avoid stress if you know what is causing it!
•    Avoid unnecessary conflict – Don’t be too argumentative, try and find positive outcomes for both parties.
•    Accept the things you cannot change – Don’t worry over things you can’t change. Focus on the things you can change and do have control over!
•    Relax – Take regular 10/15 minute breaks to refocus and recharge your batteries.
•    Socialise – Friends, family and partners can help take our minds off daily worries. We always need a good laugh too!
•    Positive Mental Attitude – Talk over what is bothering you before it becomes a bigger problem. This can be with a friend, colleague or even a professional! Try and be positive!
•    Avoid Alcohol, Nicotine and Caffeine – Alcohol is a depressant therefore will make you feel worse. Nicotine and Caffeine are stimulants which if reacts with the stress will increase your symptoms. 

The less stressful it is the happier we will be ?