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Starting a New Job Advice

Congratulations on landing a new job! Starting a new job can be daunting. You want to make the right first impression in your first week and avoid making any mistakes. Prove to your new employers you can learn quickly and be a valued member of the team. Follow these simple steps…

New Job Advice

Be Punctual
Turning up early is common sense. Show your new employers that you’re excited and committed to start your role. Give yourself enough time to get ready in the morning and develop a good morning routine. The better your routine the easier you’ll find early mornings.

Be Smart
Wear appropriate attire to show them you care about their company appearance. Dress smart and take pride in your appearance. A smile also goes a long way. Ensure they know you’re happy to be there. Check out the company's dress code policy at work.

Ask Questions
Try your best to listen and learn all the instructions given to you. Be aware of your colleagues and try to pick up how they approach situations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it’s key to helping you learn the role. No one expects you to know everything from day one.

Learn from Mistakes
Get stuck in! Throw yourself straight into the job. Complete as many tasks as you can to build up your skill set and confidence straight away. Whether it is your first week or you’ve been in a role for years, you always need to learn from your mistakes.

Be Friendly
Say hello and introduce yourself to your new co-workers. These are the people you will be spending a lot of time with. Make teas and coffees for the office. It is a simple but effective way to earn brownie points.

Take a deep breath so you can concentrate on listening and learning your new role. Let your personality show. Don’t stay within your shell. Try not to get too bogged down with nerves and worries. Enjoy the new experience and make the most of it. 

New Job Mistakes

No matter how skilled and how knowledgeable you are in your field, be humble. You are there to contribute, not make people feel bad about themselves. Do not think that you are there to show them how to do things.

Comparing the Previous Company
It is not nice to hear new colleagues bragging about their previous company. Especially when they claim it was better than yours. You wonder "If this place is so bad, why don’t you quit? Why did you join in the first place?"

Expecting Respect
You need to earn respect, it is not something you should expect. Also, you can only gain trust through time and work quality. Colleagues in your new company have not seen your work, hence you have not earned the right to boast.

Being Rude
Be nice to people when you are in a new work environment. Regardless of how famous you are or how good you think you are at your job, it’s common sense. Do not have the attitude that you are only there to work.

Disregard Existing Dynamics
When joining a new company, you need to understand people have their own ways of doing things. Having a total disregard for the way things are will spell the start of your career destruction.

To summarise: If you’re starting a new job soon make sure you are on your best behaviour!