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Polyglotism or being a “polyglot” is really just a fancy way of saying someone is bilingual or speaks multiple languages. I know, it sounds like a magical creature from one of the Harry Potter books! 
Speaking two or more languages fluently can have a huge impact on your brain, social skills and your career. Once a polyglot can speak two languages, they are often quicker to learn extras. Once learnt, skills like grammar, punctuation and tenses are the centre to learning most languages.

A bilingual brain is used to handling two or more languages at the same time, which improves the brain’s cognitive ability and memory. Studies say, bilinguals are often better at multi-tasking and prioritizing activities because their brain has better cognitive control in comparison to monolinguals. There are studies into the impact of being bilingual on the elderly and how the effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s have a delayed onset in comparison to monolinguals. 

Being bilingual is very attractive in the job market; as lots of large organisations look for candidates who speak multiple languages to liaise and communicate with a global client base. Here at Brite Recruitment, we often recruit for language roles. Ranging from French, German and Nordic languages, which are based both in the UK or in country.
I would love to speak two languages fluently and say that I am bilingual! (I can count from 1-10 in 7 languages, but unfortunately, I don’t think this counts)

A polyglot doesn’t always refer to foreign languages, it also includes technical languages. In this case, more often than not, polyglots write in a combination of “C” and “Lisp” or “Perl”. We recruit for a number of roles which require numerous technical skills and languages. Candidates who can code and write in these languages are in high demand as they are in short supply, especially those with specialist tech skills. 

Do you speak an additional language? Get in contact today! We recruit throughout the year for skilled bilinguals to join our clients, call 01242 228200 for more information or browse our current vacancies. 

Elly Holliday 
Resourcing and Marketing Administrator