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Would you call yourself a positive person? I would, well most of the time. Positivity is an important part of everyday life, so why do so many of us struggle with it so much? This week’s blog is all about the importance of positivity and optimism and ways we can all try to be a little more positive.

Is positivity important in the work place? Absolutely, positivity is key in the workplace. A positive attitude has a bigger effect than just a good mental attitude, it can affect the entire team. I think it’s fair to say that everyone wants to work in an uplifting environment, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever have a bad day or complain about a problem, but if the mood is generally good in the office it definitely helps the days feel less stressful. Positivity can help you in other ways too, believing in yourself and being optimistic can help you achieve more at work and will make a good impression on your colleagues. If you work in a tough industry (like recruitment) you need to be resilient, optimistic and as positive as possible to help you through the long days.

It’s important in your job search too! Job hunting can sometimes feel really discouraging and disheartening and this is why positivity is so key! You need to have belief in yourself that you do have a good CV, you can interview well and you can secure the role you’re looking for. The alternative is that you give up and that will not help you achieve your goals.
Even the most positive of us struggle sometimes, so how can we be more positive?
1.Have an outlet – find a way to relieve stress. We are all affected by stress in different ways, but it definitely has an affect on your outlook, so find a way to channel it. Whether you enjoy going to the gym, meeting up with friends, or even just reading a book, find a way to switch off from your stresses in life and you will generally find that your mood will improve.

2.Get enough sleep – no seriously, I always find that if I don’t sleep enough, I get very grumpy. Make sure you prioritise sleep and your health generally. It’s hard to be positive if you’re running on 3 hours sleep!

3.Positive affirmations – I often walk into the office and say “today is going to be a great day” or “I am going to achieve x, y and z this week”. I often find that saying things out loud and declaring that I am in a positive mood (even if I’m not), really does have an effect on how I actually feel. Sometimes, it even does end up being a great day.

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Bethany Hamilton
Account Manager