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Redundancy or Uncertainty at work?!

Redundancy or uncertainty at work?!

This week it has been hard to miss the dreadful news about Carillion going into liquidation.  It is hard to understand how a company so big who owed over a billion continued to trade for such a long time with such high profile press about the companies difficulties over many months.  

I feel very sorry for all the committed staff who have stuck with them through their very difficult times and now really do not know what is going to happen, will they be paid? Will another company take over the running of the contracts they work on?  It is still all very unknown.

This is obviously a very high profile example of when things don’t go to plan.

Redundancy or just that sick sense that things aren’t going too well with the company you are working for is really difficult to deal with.  If you are still employed do you stick around?  If you’ve been made redundant where do you begin to look for another job?  It can really knock your confidence.  

We are used to dealing with candidates in these situations and are here to help as sensitively as we can. On the plus side it is a good time to be in the market for a new role. In January the job market is particularly buoyant with lots of new roles to the market. If you have been made redundant or are just worried about your future please do get in touch with us.  Our Account Managers are here to help.  We have lot of new roles available, many are urgent requirements which can start almost immediately.

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Karen Pollard
Managing Director