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  • ‘Brite went to great lengths helping me find my new employment'

Sleepless Nights

I am brand new to the team at Brite Recruitment, having recently graduated from University. Finishing University was scary enough, let alone having to join the adult world and get a full-time job! It is safe to say the night before my start date I was very nervous and struggled to sleep due to both excitement and nerves. 
Starting a new work environment can be nerve wracking but the girls here at Brite have been very welcoming and helpful in my first couple of days. 

Work can be stressful and lots of people can experience trouble sleeping due to worries with work deadlines, important meetings and too much paperwork. 
Feeling anxious and having trouble sleeping at night due to worrying about work? Why not consider changing professions and experimenting with a new career? Don’t hesitate! Why not take a look at our current positions on our website or give one of our Account Managers a call on 01242 228200. 

Elly Holliday 
Resourcing and Marketing Administrator