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Spring Equinox



Today, 20th March, is the Spring Equinox, where the hours of light and dark are the same which means it’s the astronomical first day of Spring. Here in Cheltenham where we are based, it hasn’t exactly been “spring like”, with the rain and biting wind chill. However, as of tomorrow the days will be longer than the nights and that only means one thing... Summer is on its way! 
We often have a ‘spring clean’ when the flowery season arrives. Finally getting the opportunity to air laundry outside, open the windows and freshen things up for the warmer weather. 
How about a ‘spring clean’ with your career? Out with the old, in with the new, just in time for the new season. We have a diverse range of roles that could spruce up your working life. So, if you’re thinking now is the right time to dust off your CV and look for a new job, then we would be happy to help. 
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Catherine Hatton