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Cocktail Making Evening

Cocktail Making....
Last night the team here at Brite visited Montpellier Chapter Hotel where we had a team building Cocktail Making session. And a great success it was too! 

This was the first time we have done something together with our newcomers Lisa and Jodie and Keith the F&B manager/Cocktail aficionado did us proud.
With only Lisa our hospitality pro having made a cocktail before, the rest of us were amateurs, so this was a brand new and exciting experience for us all.

We each made 3 cocktails; Raspberry Collins, Pina Colada and a Peach/Raspberry Bellini. Keith made this into a little competition between us to see who could make the best one. Naturally we all assumed our hospitality pro Lisa would make the best cocktails but it was Sophie, our office manager, who made the best Raspberry Collins and I (Catherine) who made the best Pina Colada. This, i was very pleased about as it was my favourite cocktail out of the 3! We (well Rhia actually) had a lovely sharing platter consisting of Artichokes, Olives, Feta, Houmous and  Flat bread to nibble on in an attempt to soak up some of the alcohol! 

After the fun of making the cocktails, we all went upstairs to enjoy them. Some of us had a few too many. Not mentioning any names, but it was Amy who was a little worse for wear this morning!!! 

It was a lovely evening  celebrating our achievements with each other however it was a shame Karen couldn’t be with us to enjoy the fun.
Cocktail making is something we would definitely like to do together again... perhaps on a Friday next time so we can enjoy them a little more! ?