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Stay motivated in your job search!


Don’t lose hope in your job search- Staying motivated!

Feeling as though every application or interview you are attending is falling through? Is it starting to get you down? Don’t panic! Perseverance is key!
Not everything is handed out to you on a plate, so the key is to stay motivated and be persistent! If you aren’t being successful in your interviews, make sure you take into consideration why this could be. Look for constructive criticism- ask the interviewer for feedback that you can adapt to improve your approach for next time. 
Our top tips on how to stay motivated in your job search: 

1 - Be realistic in your job search! For example, if you have graduated this year with a degree in marketing and you are applying for a Head of Marketing job where they require 10+ years of Marketing experience, then this probably isn’t going to be the right level for you! But there will be something at the right level for you, you just have to find it- remember, baby steps!
Don’t expect to land 4 interviews in your first week of looking for a job, but remember the more you apply for the more chance you will get of having an interview and getting noticed. 
2 -Prioritize tasks and make sure you are getting the right balance between your social life and work/job search life! Don’t become a social recluse whilst job hunting, it is important to stick to your normal routines and this way, you won’t waste your time and you can stay on track to achieving your end goals. 
3 -Celebrate things that go well- not everyone gets shortlisted for a role/gets through to final stage interview so– WELL DONE! Celebrate by going for a coffee or a nice walk in the park for example when you do well, this way you will stay motivated to continue to achieve!
4 -Sometimes, pushing yourself that little bit more can be a great way to stay motivated! So, push yourself to apply for that extra job a day! This will help to both get you noticed and will help your self-motivation, meaning a positive outlook on your job search. 

Enjoy the process- job searching is a time of change and a new start, so make sure you have a positive outlook and think about all the potential opportunities you can find- you may end up finding something you do for the rest of your life! 

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Elly Holliday
Resourcing and Marketing Administrator