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Tailoring your CV

Are you currently looking for a new job? Are you using the same generic CV for every role you are applying for? 


Tailor your CV to the role you are applying for to give yourself the best chance of success. 

Below is a list of steps to follow whilst applying for a jobs compiled by CV Library; 

1. Understand the position you're applying for
Your CV should blend well with the job that you're applying for, so it's vital that you really understand the job description. Taking the time to really get to grips with potential daily tasks, responsibilities and duties should allow you to tailor your CV in a way that shows your compatibility with the role. You want to show recruiters why you'd be a perfect fit, so detailing why you're right for the job by working the requirements into your CV should get you off to a flying start!

2. Make your experience known
It's no longer enough to list your previous employment in its most recent order; you've got to make your CV really stand out. Instead of simply creating a section named 'work experience', you could revamp your CV to fit with the role you're applying for. If you're applying for a sales role, for example, you could consider creating a section called 'sales experience'. Here, you could list your most notable achievements for your previous company. This should draw the hiring manger in, and could be the difference between your CV making to it the next round, or ending up in the bin!

3. Use the right vocab
Sometimes even the most qualified candidate will be overlooked if they haven't got the right vocab in their CV - so many are screened by software before they even land on the recruiter's desk, that if you haven't got the right keywords in there, you're unlikely to make the cut. In terms of determining which keywords to pick, the best thing to do is take the job posting and other content from the employer, and translate this into your CV. Creating a 'core competencies' section on your CV gives you the option to match some of your key skills with those required in the job description.

4. Include relevant content
Recruiters often have hordes of applications to get through, so it's best to keep your CV to under 2 pages. By making sure the most relevant content is at the top of the page, you'll be ensuring that you keep their attention and pique their interest, even if they only scan the top paragraph!
Ultimately, to get ahead in the recruitment race you have to make sure your CV sparkles. To make sure that yours is the best it can be, take a look at our resource centre; you'll find handy CV tips, a free CV checker and much more. Finally, good luck!