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Take the risk or lose the chance

Take the risk or lose the chance!

It’s been a really busy and successful few months here at Brite Recruitment.  I’ve been busy with another challenge outside of work too.  People have probably gathered by now that I don’t tend to do much sitting around, when not working you’ll normally find me running or cycling.

On 16th July, I completed the L’etape du Tour.  For those who don’t know, this was the 18th stage of this year’s Tour de France.  15,000 amateurs sign up for this crazy race each year, 4 days before the pros breeze through. It is one of the extremely tough mountain stages from Briancon in the Hautes-Alpes to Col d’Izoard.  For the first time, the race finished at the top of the mountain and in total covered 200 kilometres!  I took on the challenge last year over a different stage and being a complete novice, it is fair to say it was pretty tough.  This year I had already completed two marathons in close succession in Paris and London. Once they were out of the way I had to switch my training to focus on the cycling.  

No matter how much training you do in the UK nothing prepares you for the climbs that you encounter!  They are just relentless.  This year the extra challenge was that it was 50 Km longer than the previous years and the two major climbs didn’t kick in until the end of the race.  Basically, the last 48km was uphill, not an easy task on extremely tired legs!

We were up at 4.15 am on race day, driving across the windy roads to arrive at the start. This year it was all about pacing yourself, initially with some fairly easy miles before the undulating roads and latterly super tricky climbing!  The atmosphere is fabulous with much excitement and nervousness about the task ahead.  There are food stops along the way and you can choose to stop for as long or as little as you want. The main focus for me was to enjoy it, and of course not get caught by the broom wagon (the sweeper truck that scoops up cyclists if they are too slow).

At 33 degrees, it was another warm year, the scenery was spectacular and the support along the route keeps you going.  Being one of only 600 women to take up the challenge the supporters do give you that extra special encouragement.  

For me the climbs are the most challenging, last year I did have to get off my bike and walk for a couple of miles.  This year I was determined to cycle every mile.  I will never be the fastest, but this year I just kept the momentum going and crossed the finish line in just over 11 hours. 

With the major climbs, they count down how many kilometres there are left until you reach the top and the % gradient.  This year they also had notices with motivational quotes to spur you on.  One of them being ‘Take the risk or lose the chance’!  This has stuck with me.  Whatever it is in life you face often it is about taking that opportunity!!  Perhaps it’s time to take the risk to change your job.  Visit our website, or have an informal chat with one of our Account Managers today – 01242 228200.

Karen Pollard